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Play "The Songs You Like"

by Radiator Hospital

The sign was faded blue and white, the windows painted over. the halls inside fill up with light, if only in your head. All your favorite bands were on the corner singing for you. They knew your name and everything. They knew that you were dead. Though you were the only face I saw when I was there, I didn't think about you once you left. As we all stand in horror and watch the city crumble, I hope that you call out for me. If only in your head...
Out Of Mind 02:15
I've been telling you the same thing every morning when I wake up with your picture in my mind. As I tiptoe around the cracks in all the time that we spent, I've been filling in the lines. All the lights went out when you came down the stairs, I didn't think that you could feel me coming by. I've been turning on the radio as I wait in the car. I've been listening for life. Drive me out when I'm with you, out of mind. Drive me out when I'm with you. Out of mind. Yeah you wish it was a movie as you stumble to collect the little dream that you forgot. If you could just rewind a little maybe you could start to put together pieces of the plot. All the lights went out when I walked in the room, I didn't think that you were thinking what I thought. When each side of the record is the only way your time is measured, do you know if you're giving all you got? You won't know if it's true or if I lied until you flip the side. I got all night...
I don't know your face, don't know your kind, but I've been feeling like I know your every thought, your every crime, and I don't want to lose it. I don't know how, but my big cloud is lifting now. Sleeping in the van I understand that I just might be dreaming, but now my stupid jokes, my fibs and lies are someone else's feelings. You fade in and out with each new street we turn down. I've been in your head, been on your mind. End up in your bedroom half the time. Feeling like I'm a part of your life. Losing you when I open my eyes. Up on Primrose Hill we got so high. I've been feeling very, very nice when I've been in your head, been on your mind. Yeah I've been in your head, been on your mind...
Old Refrain 01:46
Grape on the vine. Pick off the fruit. Stomp it into wine. Out wasting time. Spreading the news down the telephone line. Nothing seems to stop you. I can't seem to hold your attention. Even though you like me, you think that I waste my potential. Younger than most in the business of resurrecting ghosts. Haunter of souls, the restless spirits that we host. Smoking on the back porch. Sipping on our cups of tea. I know you're not listening, but it doesn't really bother me like the sound of the rain slowly twisting out the drain, or the old refrain still ringing out in the back of my brain...
The Songs You Like will never sound as good to you as they did under the blood red summer moon. Yeah the songs you like are getting older every day. Same trouble you find every time you wake. But will you go out there with a guitar in your hand? Singing a song nobody's heard before? The painted face, beautiful and unchanged, has outlived men both sane and mad the same. The painted face, we've seen it with our own eyes. Did we recognize the same escape? Will you go out there with a spray can in your hand? Will you show them you'll do everything you can? Leaving your mark on a world you didn't ask to be born in. Painting a face nobody's seen before...
Nothing Nice 02:01
Nothing Nice to talk about. One more hit and then I'm out. Past the closed down comic book shop and the restaurant you like, nothing nice came out our mouths. I love to just shut up. Lifetime since I saw you last. Been some good times, been some bad. There's an ache that I self medicate in any way I can, but I don't get too far past that. I love to just give up...
Cheap Day 02:53
You're in a picture that you haven't seen. You exist in the old magazine. You walk the paces you found all alone in your house when you fell off the silver screen. When I talk I'm like an open book. I didn't think of the toll that took. I didn't think about all the ways around when you look like you look. You're all alone, I'm on the line. You're all alone, you're doing fine. We were dancing at the B movie, between the devil and the deep blue sea. Between the devil and me, there's a song we sing when we find what we want to keep. I wasn't listening at the matinee. I couldn't hear it from you that way. I didn't think about all the ways around when you say it like you say. You're all alone, I'm on the line. You're all alone, you're doing fine. You took a picture that I haven't seen. We exist in the old magazine. You walk the paces you found all alone in your house when you fell off the silver screen...
Also Ran 03:24
Just another burnt out also ran.
Lonely Road 02:29
Dust on my bookshelf. Talking to myself. I wonder more each day if it matters. If I go insane, will we notice? Walk to your new place. Read it all over your face. When will you decide to memorize my number? If they lock you inside will you call out my name? Lonely road...
I've heard enough of the shit you're talking. You love your own voice, you're damn near screaming. The people at the show just walk in acting like they understand how we're feeling. We watch each other's eyes, wondering the entire time: Would you save me in the flood? Do we care about each other that much? You want to be the one everybody laughs for, everybody says they love. Yeah I get that you're scared, never knowing if anybody really cared. We learn the names and faces. We get fucked up in the same places, but when the wave comes crashing down will you swim to me, or watch me drown?
Dance Number 01:43
In between the notes in your favorite song, you try and figure where it went wrong, but it went wrong long ago in many different ways. You try and feel your way through the groove, and though you're sad, your feet start to move. Let the tears fall where they may, you'll clean up when you're done. You stomp you're feet along with the drum. You try and calculate the sum of all the times you tried and lost, all your wasted yesterdays. You wait around but no one comes by, and though you're sad you don't wonder why. I find meaning in this life when I wake up every day, but I'm feeling sick and tired in new and frightening ways. No, don't cover my eyes. I want to be afraid. I am opening my heart, that's the promise I have made...
Half Empty 02:17
If you have doubts, honey, keep them too yourself. If you have doubts, honey, put them on the shelf. When I fly to California, will you meet me up in the air? I've got a bad way of turning things into what they're not, and into your arms I'm falling anytime I want. Even when I try to forget with all I've got, you still dance around my every little thought. I'm not afraid of being the one to get caught. I'm not afraid of letting all my insides rot. I'm not afraid of every little lie I bought. I'm terrified of all this happiness and warmth inside my heart. If you have doubts, honey, keep them too yourself. If you have doubts, honey, put them on the shelf. When I fly to California, will you meet me up in the air? Will you wear flowers in your hair? Will you meet me up in the air?
Love Story 01:58
Love, it happens all the time. It's cruel and undefined. The wedding ring, the songs we sing. Fall into someone's arms, submit to their charms. When you lie, you look them in the eye and say "I do. I hope I die with you. I just want you all to myself." No movie on the plane can help dull the pain of leaving the ground without you now. As I look down on the homes all the little people build, the swimming pools and driveways of the wedded, I hold my breath. Wait for love's imminent death. I just wanted you all to myself...
It's almost Friday night, and I don't love you anymore. I'd tell you why, but what would I do that for? I could cry, or lie, but I can't find love in the darkness of my heart. I dreamt that I was a bird. I dreamt I was the sun, and I would rise in the morning, I would set when the day was done. I could fly so high but I can't find love in the darkness of my heart. Yeah I could try with all my might but I know I will never find love in the darkness of my heart.
This is a song by the band Martha, lyrics by Daniel Ellis.
Absolutely Positive, yet completely wrong. I think I know the words, so I try and sing along. Add me to the list, yeah it's getting pretty long, but I feel something when you play that song. We pissed on your fireworks when we rolled into town. We were stupid and embarrassing and loud. All I wanted from this day was to stay out of your way. Yeah I know that I'm a fool when I go wild. There's a pull on me that I can't describe when we're walking side by side. You heard all my words, showed me all you had to hide. Now you're giving me a ride. We pissed on your fireworks when we rolled in to town. We were unprepared, embarrassing and loud. All I want to hear you say is you don't mind me this way, yeah I know that I'm a fool when I go wild. Pull me out into the light, then do whatever the fuck you like. Add it to the list of things I can't deny, I'm absolutely positive you're right.


AVAILABLE ON VINYL FROM SALINAS RECORDS: www.salinasrecords.com/collections/944019-lps/products/20859209-radiator-hospital-play-the-songs-you-like-lp

This album was recorded May 1st-4th 2017 at Uniform Recording by Jeff Zeigler. It was mastered by Carl Saff. Jeff Bolt played drums. Sam Cook-Parrott sang and played guitar. Jon Rybicki played bass. Cynthia Schemmer played guitar and sang. All words written by Sam Cook-Parrott except "Sycamore" which is a song by the band Martha. Front cover art by Jason Roy. Back cover photo by Catherine Elicson. Layout by Mikey Cantor. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Jeff, Carl, Jason, Catherine, Marco, Mikey, Eloy, all our housemates for putting up with loud practices, everyone who ever booked us a show, everyone who has supported our music. We love you.


released October 19, 2017




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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