ABC Blues

from New Depression by Radiator Hospital



I sit and watch the disney news, I listen and I try to kick the tires and dig for clues. Parse truth from the lies. Laughin' while I sing the blues, contempt that I can't hide. Just cuz they say it don't make it true, or prove they're on your side. Think I'm stupid, think I'm dumb. The wool's over my eyes. Firmly placed under your thumb, blinded, hypnotized. The demagogues and oligarchs assure you that they're right, then turn around and sell you the dark and tell you it's the light. Think I'm stupid, think I'm dumb. A shill for the right price. Banking that I have grown numb, depressed, anesthetized. I sit and watch the disney news, I hear the usual line. The fearmongering platitude designed to cloud my mind.


from New Depression, released March 20, 2020




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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