Dead As Dreams

from Some Distant Moon by Radiator Hospital



This is a song about long distances and wondering why people do the things they do and what they are feeling when they do them.


I want to be the shooting star, I want to be the astronaut, I want to be the poster boy hanging on your wall. And when you look at me will you remember all, all of the songs I sang before we fell out of love? And when you think of all, all of the boys you knew, am I the only one who made you cry? Or is it a part of you that you can't figure out, why nobody seemed to treat you right? Is it a crime I want to be the reason why you wish you never said goodbye? and I want to die in your arms. Back in my old bedroom when I would hold you, I never thought about right and wrong. The only thing I knew was I was in love with you and we'd be right back here before long.


from Some Distant Moon, released November 2, 2012
Rick played bass and Brandon played drums.




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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