Leather & Lace

from Torch Song by Radiator Hospital



...And when I look out my window, I see the leaves falling from the trees. I see the trash blow through the street. I see a distant bolt of lightning. I see the raindrops slowly start to fall. I see the big cloud up above. I see the way your body language changes when you realize I’m the one that you’ve been dreaming of. When I walk out my front door, I feel the rain as it hits my face. I see the broken flower vase. I see the leather and the lace. One last bird is flying to the tree; the water’s weighing down its wings. I see the way your body language changes. I see the way you look at me and the pain it brings. Can you feel the rain?


from Torch Song, released September 1, 2014




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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