I've been telling you the same thing every morning when I wake up with your picture in my mind. As I tiptoe around the cracks in all the time that we spent, I've been filling in the lines. All the lights went out when you came down the stairs, I didn't think that you could feel me coming by. I've been turning on the radio as I wait in the car. I've been listening for life. Drive me out when I'm with you, out of mind. Drive me out when I'm with you. Out of mind. Yeah you wish it was a movie as you stumble to collect the little dream that you forgot. If you could just rewind a little maybe you could start to put together pieces of the plot. All the lights went out when I walked in the room, I didn't think that you were thinking what I thought. When each side of the record is the only way your time is measured, do you know if you're giving all you got? You won't know if it's true or if I lied until you flip the side. I got all night...


from Play "The Songs You Like", released October 19, 2017




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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