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Can You Feel My Heart Beating?

by Radiator Hospital

When I kiss you do you notice when I open my eyes? Can you feel the hopeless void that is surrounding the room tonight? I don't think this is going how I wanted it to, but then again the end is never quite exactly how you plan. I know it's not an issue anymore, but don't call. When I kiss you do I make the roses in your cheeks bloom? does that little spark still burn, or did it fade out with my love? I don't think we ever knew what we were doing but every time I look at you I see the things we wanted this to be. I know it's not an issue anymore, but don't call.
I think I'm gonna give it all up. Why do people have to love people anyway? Broken mirror makes you look how you feel. You love me, but you don't love me that way. It's in the way you look when you're sad, it's in the way your eyes look past. It's in the way you move when you're not sure, it's in the way you defensively react. You still love him now, even though he broke your heart. No you can't shake this love, even though you know it's all wrong. It's in the way I know how you feel, it's in the way we can't go back. It's in the way you think I'm such a nice guy, it's in the way sometimes I wish I wasn't that. In that drawer's a loaded gun, yeah I tried it once, and I failed myself then. Maybe I made you laugh before, I ain't good at much but I'm good at that. Your heart is on my side, but your eyes look to him at the same time. you could go anywhere tonight, oh will this end like a movie line? Do you still love him now?
Incept Date 01:56
What do you want? Do you know what you're looking for? Where you been? Kiss me again! Oh how our memories disappear like tears in rain, oh how I wanted you to say, "Put you're hands on me!" Make me feel like I'm more human than human. You said now that you're this close to my love, can you turn back if you have no heart? It's a shame we won't live, but then again who does? Oh how I long for your touch. Can you feel my heart beating? Can I feel yours when I pull you close? Have you ever felt like you're falling in love with something in this stupid world?
City Lights 02:10
I can't recall the night, or how you wore your hair, or if we were in love, or how that love began, but the lights outside your window shined right into my eyes, and for a moment I knew this town knew all my lies.
I think I'm fallin' in love with you, I've been lookin' all over you I've been lookin' for a sign. The way you pick on me makes me think that you're in, but are you playin' hard to get? Do you even think about it? I guess that's the problem. I know I'm drivin' you crazy, I can't tell if I want you as much as you want me. I have felt this way before, I've been in love I'm not sure I liked it. It's that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. I guess that's the problem. So tell me you love me, make me feel like everything that I've been dreaming is real. I don't really know if you feel the same, but I've been lookin' at you this way. I might be going crazy, I might be losing my mind, but I have never felt the way that I do when I look into your eyes. I don't want this back. Please don't break my heart. If you want my love, it's yours, but you must do your part. I know I'm fallin' in love with you, I've been lookin' all over you I've been lookin' for a sign. And this love is infinite, it is the moon and sun and stars and sky, it's the gleaming in the back of my eye. I guess that's the problem.


Originally released in a run of 100 c20's via Amanda Bynes Tapes. Reissued on 7" vinyl by Party Nogg. On this record, Radiator Hospital is me, Kolin, Josie, Sned and Jes. It was recorded April 8th and 9th by Brandon in his basement. Tape covers printed by Issue Press (issue-press.com).


released April 22, 2012




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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