Some Distant Moon

by Radiator Hospital

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tindraferner Lovely lovely lovely album!! Especially love dead as dreams and Andy Griffith Favorite track: Dead As Dreams.
Willow Barbeau
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Willow Barbeau I only recently got around to hearing this album, since I bought it along with the rest of the Radiator Hospital discog, and I am so glad I made it deep enough to reach this EP. Short sweet not-quite love ballads Favorite track: Some Distant Moon.
caantido thumbnail
caantido This album makes dreaming feel realistic. Favorite track: A Game Of You.
Jason Quentin Teeter
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Jason Quentin Teeter Spacey girlfriend memory. Favorite track: A Game Of You.
Seth Black
Seth Black thumbnail
Seth Black Dead as dreams is easily one of my favourite songs ever. It’s gotten me through a lot of tough times so it has a special place in my heart. Thank you Rad Hospital! Favorite track: Dead As Dreams.
I want to be the shooting star, I want to be the astronaut, I want to be the poster boy hanging on your wall. And when you look at me will you remember all, all of the songs I sang before we fell out of love? And when you think of all, all of the boys you knew, am I the only one who made you cry? Or is it a part of you that you can't figure out, why nobody seemed to treat you right? Is it a crime I want to be the reason why you wish you never said goodbye? and I want to die in your arms. Back in my old bedroom when I would hold you, I never thought about right and wrong. The only thing I knew was I was in love with you and we'd be right back here before long.
It gets so hot in your room, so we just lay around. I won't know if I'm dreaming until you make a sound. No I'm not in love with you, I just want to stare into your eyes. I don't want to feel this doubt, I just want to dream about your eyes.
I don't know what to do tonight. Don't wanna play this game, don't wanna play the game. I walk down to Highland park. It don't feel the same, it don't feel the same. There ain't nothin' to do tonight. Baby if you're down, well you know I'm down. The night Andy Griffith died I just stayed around, I just stayed around. And why can't I let you in? Everybody knows you tried. Why don't I feel nothin' whenever you're in my mind?
I put my head under the water so I can't see your reflection. Can you tell that I was crying the whole time that we were swimming? Whenever I forget this feeling everything seems to remind me. Can you tell that I was trying to forget how much you loved me? It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to do, to say no to you and act like it's no big deal. It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to say, so tell me it's ok that I don't want to stay with you. I put my hand over your heart cuz you fell asleep on my shoulder. Can you tell that I was lying when I said I didn't want to? Whenever you look at me baby everything goes out the window. Can you tell that I'm not buying your cool and casual facade? It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to do, to say no to you act like it's no big deal. It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to say so tell me it's ok that I don't want to stay with you


This is a record about all the big things we take for granted and all the little things we make a big deal out of.

Released in a run of 400 7"s via Forward Records ( Cover design by Issue Press ( "Dead As Dreams" and "Andy Griffith" recorded in July 2012 at Cold War Stu-Stu-Studios in Grand Rapids, MI by Rick Johnson. Rick played bass and Brandon played drums. "A Game Of You" and "Some Distant Moon" recorded in July 2012 in my apartment. Amber sang on "A Game Of You." A special thanks to Joe, Colin, Kasey, and Joe for making videos for the songs (which can bee seen here: ). Free download over here:


released November 2, 2012




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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