by Radiator Hospital



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These songs were written and recorded upon request from Mr. Kaos. All sounds and words by me, except "Solomon Grundy" which is an old nursery rhyme. Written and recorded on December 7th, 2013 except "Time, Pigs" which was written and recorded December 10th 2013 and parts of "Chumps In Love" which was done in November.


released January 19, 2014




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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Track Name: They Live
I didn't think that you even knew my name, I just assumed that you wouldn't care. I know that all of the boys seem just the same: shy, arrogant, and a little scared, but I knew. I knew that you were there, waiting in back of me. I knew that you would find something to help you decide, but I'm afraid of what you'll find. The fears, they live inside my mind. They live inside of the cracks in our fingers, in every awkward glance your way. They live in everything we talk about, in every little word we say.
Track Name: Tag Me In Again
Walls are cavin' in. Shoes are wearin' thin. Can you feel the wind blowin' on your skin? Tag me in again. I won't say "when," just tag me in again.
Track Name: Solomon Grundy
(This is an old nursery rhyme)
Track Name: Chumps In Love
I know you love me.
Track Name: Time, Pigs
How do you know what we're holding? How do you know what we'll say? You got the time, pigs?
Track Name: Please Thrill Me
I really want you to stay, I really do but I can't find the words to say, "Oh baby, don't go away!" Your hands on my hips, and my lips on your face. No I don't want to slow down, don't put me in the doghouse, I'm gonna sing it out loud: "PLEASE THRILL ME!" Your hairs all tied up in knots. Oh baby can't you tell that I like you a lot? So give me all that you got, your kisses on my lips they really hit the spot. No I don't want to slow down, I won't put you in the doghouse, I'm gonna sing it out loud: "PLEASE THRILL ME!"