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Sings "Music for Daydreaming"

by Radiator Hospital

My Fire 01:41
Put our friends to bed. Wash the dishes. Hold my hand. Living in your head. The movie’s over. Start the band. Forget what I said. So drunk I can hardly stand. Your cheeks turning red as I draw lines in the sand: Honey, you don’t light my fire...
Weird little idea gets the best of you. Open up your head and let the wrong thing through. I don’t want to feel so bad, but I know I’m being had. It’s just something we go through. Cards are dealt even when you’re not in the mood. A game of luck, a game of chance. A little look, a parting glance. The hint, the clue, to a strange truth only we knew. Dusty old road we would wander, you would help me share my load. Said we’d know each other when we’re gray and old. Wanna be part of your story when it’s told, if I may be so bold. Weird little idea that you can’t let go. Bizarre thought pattern that you just can’t help but show. Can’t be defined as a fact, it’s too fluid and abstract. Yeah it’s just a gut feeling shared between us two. The hint, the clue, to a strange truth only we knew...
End another day, stolen kiss in the sun room. Drunk on nothing much to say, liferaft wading through the gloom. I’m alright again, feels just fine for now, until reality comes nagging, slowly dragging me back down. Hot and wild, stoned and fair. Working with your hands all day. In the unforgiving air, in your strong and silent way. Your alright for now, feels just fine again, until reality comes nagging, slowly dragging you back in. We’re alright again. Feels OK I guess, until reality comes nagging, dragging us into this mess…
So many different ways to make a living. Out here on the grind, in all the different places where we spend our time. Earning every dollar, stacking every dime, rolling every penny because it means your life. I don’t wanna bother, so I just stay polite. Dream through every day, wake through every night. I’ve been holding back. So aware of what I lack. Big cloud turns from gray to black. If it’s all the same, I’ll go now. So many different ways to spend a lifetime. There’s no compromise: You dance out of the womb, hum your tune, then you die. Never a dull moment when you’re chasing the sunlight. No you won’t always be happy, but you can have a good time trying…
I wanna hold your hand again. Feel our little palms filling up with sweat. Awkwardly let go when we see one of your friends cuz you wanna play it cool. I let you hold me down again. Kiss me on my leg like I’m your girlfriend. Heart’ll never break if I keep letting it bend, honey that’s my golden rule. It’s not a big lie, it’s just a personal truth. Wavelength between me and you, here in the death throes of our youth. My defenses are worn so thin just trying to feel like somebody in this skin. Pain of the situation sinking in, how a life can loom so cruel…
Whisper in the night along the old canal. A life felt bigger than just stories we could tell. Foggy overpass, time that just flew by. I never heard a lie from your heart or from your eye. Does it make you feel bad? Cuz it makes me feel bad how we’d sing the days away, shut the door and pay no mind. Living in the place where our voices intertwined. A life felt bigger than just stories we could tell. I listened to your song. You heard my song as well. Does it make you feel bad like it makes me feel bad? No I don’t regret a thing, but I’d kill to hear you sing, passing me a joint, along the old canal.
Guitar 03:36
I used to play your sister’s guitar. I would plug it in and turn it up loud. Nothing like the way I strummed my chords. I knew how to make the notes ring out, but I left it in Savannah. I forgot it backstage at the cokehead bar. Never thought I’d lose something I cared about. Never thought we’d see ourselves for what we are. I used to play your sister’s guitar. She left it on my bed one afternoon. I never knew what I needed until I was given this gift. A bright, shimmering sound; It always stayed in tune, but I left it in Savannah. I forgot it backstage at the cokehead bar. Never thought I’d lose something I loved so much, but I just left it there, which leaves us where we are…
Cupid 02:29
Grab my bow and arrow. Shoot it at the moon. This path grew tired and narrow, and ended all too soon. All along the water, a hundred lovers’ croons drift off into nothing with all the ghosts and ruins…
Dark Sound 03:01
Dark sound, don’t fall out of my head. With each new sound I hear there’s less light. Pull down on any hanging thread. I’ll watch as you pull me into the night. Run now, or turn around instead, but if you ask me if i’ll run? Well I just might if it’ll save us from eating ourselves alive. I’ll run by your side. Tuned out, but hearing what you said, I’ll take you at your word. You were right...
My New Chord 01:47
One step forward, three steps back. I can’t bear to take another. Demons come and form a pack, grab my hand, and call me brother. I won’t run from this nightmare. I won’t let myself be scared. My new chord is all I have as I dive further toward the bottom. Trying so hard not to laugh, did my trick so now I got ‘em. I won’t run from responsibility just cuz I’m so free. Days drag on until they’re done. Hours blur into each other. Just one look and then I’m gone. I can’t bear to take another...
Corner Booth 02:04
Bartenders and waitresses walk by. I stare off into space until you say, “Hi.” There’s a really long list of things that I’ve been dying to get off my chest. At the bottom of the list is one thing that I never thought I’d actually let you know. It’s the deepest, darkest thing inside me. I could never spit it out. Then I say a thing I can’t take back, and open up my eyes to see you react…
I never dreamed I’d feel the ripples of your skin. I never dreamed you’d walk to the door and let me in. I never dreamed I’d get caught in the tangled web you spin. I never dreamed I’d play a game that I could win. Your song is all I ever wanted from you. Your song is all I ever want, the song I love. You know the song I want...
Hot Mess 03:07
Walk around unfamiliar town. The moon and the stars are out, they light my path which knows no bounds. Long deep breath, biggest I can get. Only way to avoid death in a world this cold and wet. A life on fire for the hot mess…
Lit Up 02:25
I think I’m spiraling down. Fucked in the abyss, yeah I’m all lit up. Wander this entire town. A thousand different faces that had enough. I don’t want to admit there’s a problem here. I don’t want to accept that the issue is clear. I think I need it around. A tiger, a lion, a bear to run from. Something that I never found: A tender loving thing that I could be in awe of. Here on this hallowed ground, the opposite of something I expected to love. I don’t want to accept there’s a lesson here. I don’t want to admit that the answer is clear.


Available on vinyl here: www.salinasrecords.com/collections/41812-all-products/products/25577919-radiator-hospital-sings-music-for-daydreaming-lp

Recorded October 8-10 2018 at Uniform Recording in Philadelphia, PA. Produced, arranged, composed, and performed by Sam Cook-Parrott. Engineered by Jeff Zeigler. Mastered by Ryan Schwabe. Cover design by Perry Shall. Photos and bouquet by Kate Illes. Center label design by Michael Cantor. Special thanks to Marco at Salinas for putting it out, my band for not being mad that I made a record without them, my roommates for putting up with my loud ass while writing and practicing this, to all my friends and family, and most of all to anyone who considers themself a “fan.” It’s my life’s great honor to rock for you. -Sam


released May 10, 2019




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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