Weird little idea gets the best of you. Open up your head and let the wrong thing through. I don’t want to feel so bad, but I know I’m being had. It’s just something we go through. Cards are dealt even when you’re not in the mood. A game of luck, a game of chance. A little look, a parting glance. The hint, the clue, to a strange truth only we knew. Dusty old road we would wander, you would help me share my load. Said we’d know each other when we’re gray and old. Wanna be part of your story when it’s told, if I may be so bold. Weird little idea that you can’t let go. Bizarre thought pattern that you just can’t help but show. Can’t be defined as a fact, it’s too fluid and abstract. Yeah it’s just a gut feeling shared between us two. The hint, the clue, to a strange truth only we knew...


from Sings "Music for Daydreaming", released May 10, 2019




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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