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New Depression

by Radiator Hospital

Won't it be nice when it's all a memory? Almost forgotten, barely thought of. Always hanging on the tip of your tongue, but you just can't place it when push comes to shove. Had a bad night again. Cried about everything. Wept and balled til there was nothin' in my eyes. Can't seem to start my head. Feelin' my book is read. Still unsatisfied, much to my surprise... But won't it be nice when there's something you want? A desire you just can't put your finger on. A yearnin' that's stronger with each rising sun. Beginning of a deep fascination. A light on the road to a new depression.
ABC Blues 02:05
I sit and watch the disney news, I listen and I try to kick the tires and dig for clues. Parse truth from the lies. Laughin' while I sing the blues, contempt that I can't hide. Just cuz they say it don't make it true, or prove they're on your side. Think I'm stupid, think I'm dumb. The wool's over my eyes. Firmly placed under your thumb, blinded, hypnotized. The demagogues and oligarchs assure you that they're right, then turn around and sell you the dark and tell you it's the light. Think I'm stupid, think I'm dumb. A shill for the right price. Banking that I have grown numb, depressed, anesthetized. I sit and watch the disney news, I hear the usual line. The fearmongering platitude designed to cloud my mind.
I bang around the chords for an hour. I try to play smart like I always do. Resentment blooms like a flower. The hate in my heart that burns so true. Feeling so lowdown and blue. I wanna tell the world my story, I wanna kick out the motherfucking jam. But it's just a play for glory, the whole of my heart ain't worth a damn. It's a lowdown dirty sham. Don't know what or why I am. Feeling so lowdown and blue.
Summer Movie 02:46
Just like a summer movie, so pretty and so empty. I wanna watch you wash all over me. Bright colors bleed into the scenery. Sound effects loud as they can be. Whole lotta nothin' happened. Dramatic themes and a twist end that you just saw coming I guess, but it had my heart pounding in my chest. The spectacle left us all impressed.


A song about depression, a song about World News Tonight, a song about hating the music I make, and a song about life imitating the movies. Dig it if you dig it.

Recorded on March 19th, 2020 at Uniform Recording in Philadelphia, PA. Engineered by Jeff Zeigler. Played by Sam Cook-Parrott.


released March 20, 2020




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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