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Martha split

by Radiator Hospital

Night Out 01:30
I think a bomb went off the day you were born. Somewhere in the world, somebody died. I think they know just what you're like. I think you aren't too cruel to be mine. I didn't change for good this time. I didn't lie, I said I was fine. I didn't walk out of your life. I think they know just what I'm like. Take me out dancing, make me feel good about the war. Make me feel something natural. I think they don't like where you're going. I think they might be right. Your mouth opens like an ocean when I walk in your sight. The credits haven't started rolling, but I can feel them coming around. Your heart opens like an ocean. I let myself drown.
Know what you're gonna say before you come out to meet me. Look into my face when I say I trust you completely. Tell me I'm the only one you're telling it's a secret. Will you find me hiding in the shade with him? No, I'm not hiding, but I don't ever want to be found. Know I'm not hiding beyond a shadow of a doubt. Walk me to the copy store, ask me how my week went. Calm me down when I fuck up and I will do the same.
Dark Sound 01:41
Dark sound, don't fall out of my head. With each new sound I hear, there's less light. Pull down on any hanging thread. I'll watch as you pull me into the night. Run now, or turn around instead, but if you ask me if I'll run? Well I just might. If it'll save us from eating ourselves alive I'll run by your side. Tuned out, but hearing what you said, I'll take you at your word: You were right.


These songs are available on a split 7" with Martha (marthadiy.bandcamp.com) from Specialist Subject Records (specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk). On this recording, Jeff Bolt plays drums, Jon Rybicki plays bass, Cynthia Schemmer plays guitar and sings and I play guitar and sing. It was recorded by Kyle Gilbride (www.whereveraudio.com). Very special thank you to: Martha, Kyle, Andrew + Specialist Subject, Marco, Jake + Golden Tea House, all our friends and everyone who's helped us out. We are very lucky. <3 -Sam


released October 15, 2015




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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