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by Radiator Hospital

Is it enough to be in love? I don't want to die alone... I want us to fall in love! but you won't pick up the phone. I don't want to know why I'm not the one... Even the rain that falls from my heart cannot begin to start to wash away all of the loneliness that I feel when we're apart. And I don't want to know why you won't call. you're scared you're fallin' for the wrong kind of boy, and you wanna know why I won't give this up? Well all I've got is time. Darlin' I'm scared we're wastin' this time just waitin' around to die.
You never follow. You never follow through. That just ain't like you, no it ain't like you. We move different up in my apartment. Kissing you is easy, yeah that part is easy. I can't control the way I feel, you just wanted something real. You tell him everything is fine, but you still wanted to be mine. I cannot hold you. I cannot hold you back. I spent a long time trying to do that. You grab my hands, and with them, my heart. Oh loving you is easy, yeah that part is easy. You seem alright when I look in your eye, and I don't feel bad, most of the time. You tell me everything is fine, but you still wanted to be mine.
I think I'm gonna give it all up. Why do people have to love people anyway? Broken mirror makes you look how you feel. You love me, but you don't love me that way. It's in the way you look when you're sad, it's in the way your eyes look past. It's in the way you move when you're not sure, it's in the way you defensively react. You still love him now, even though he broke your heart. No you can't shake this love, even though you know it's all wrong. It's in the way I know how you feel, it's in the way we can't go back. It's in the way you think I'm such a nice guy, it's in the way sometimes I wish I wasn't that. In that drawer's a loaded gun, yeah I tried it once, and I failed myself then. Maybe I made you laugh before, I ain't good at much but I'm good at that. Your heart is on my side, but your eyes look to him at the same time. you could go anywhere tonight, oh will this end like a movie line? Do you still love him now?
Hey Tiger 03:05
I'm in love with you, but I can't stand the way you look at me, or how you kiss me when you hold me tight. I do not know just how I feel tonight. When you tell me that you think that it's a crime to hold your love so tight. Darlin' when you look in my eyes somethin' don't feel right. I'm in love with you, but I can't stand it when you talk that way. No love is not a game of hide-and-seek, for I have found you darlin', you found me. I don't know if i could love a man who don't know if he can treat me like I need, no I don't understand, how your heart fell out and mine fell in, and you don't feel that bad. And when I look at you that way, and you say you don't know just how you feel today. Darlin' I hope you know that I'll love you the same, and I don't think that i will cry, but honey I'm afraid...
I don't mind when you laugh at me and call me names, but do you think that I'm less than your burning flame? I don't think that I'll mind your cigarette lips, and oh when I kiss you on the mouth, I don't mind.


Originally released as half of a split c30 with Fred Thomas (fredthomas.blogspot.com), in a run of 100 via Already Dead Tapes (alreadydeadtapes.com). These songs were written and recorded on and around Valentine's Day 2012 in my apartment, with movies as a general theme. All sounds by me and words by me except Can't Hardly Wait which is a REPLACEMENTS song.


released February 24, 2012




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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