Midnight Nothing

from Torch Song by Radiator Hospital



Me and Annie were sitting in the car, we were playing the tape you made. There were some songs that I wouldn’t have chosen, but all in all, we both agreed that it was pretty great. We weren’t really talking about anything; we felt pure and unadulterated. I would forget why we were laughing, and she would forget what we came to the care for. I thought I saw you the other day. I was in the park by your old job. Ain’t it funny how the city keeps beating on after we’re long gone? You used to say we were too pretty for this place. That night you said a lot of dumb things. You were as soft as I always wondered. I always wondered what you were like when you were younger. What were you like? I saw your eyes that night, they looked like empty pools of light, they looked like diamonds, and they were trying to tell me something. They said nothing. It was a little after midnight when the first few drops fell. Did you feel them honey, or did you feel nothing? I’m forgetting faster than I ever thought I could. I’m learning I can give up trying to do good. The stars out here shine pretty, they are numerous and pure. I never cry, I never scream, I know I should.


from Torch Song, released September 1, 2014




Radiator Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kick out the jams motherfuckers

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